The wealth management process starts with proper financial planning leading to an understanding of investment goals which ultimately, is the key component in developing the investment management strategy.

Piedmont Private Wealth is positioned to:

Grow Wealth — Protect Wealth — Leverage Wealth — Transfer Wealth

Creating a Financial Plan

A journey without regard to destination never comes to an end.

It’s important to understand and target your ‘financial destinations’ and create a goals-based investment approach to allocating risk and liquidity.

We put an emphasis on discovering the most relevant targets, whether common; college planning, lifestyle and retirement or, more sophisticated concepts; charitable, bequests and legacy planning.

Along with other relevant experts (Trust & Estate Attorneys, Accountants), we help guide clients through this process, set targets and look for opportunities to grow wealth while navigating market risk.


The Plan, a flexible living document, leads to the Investment Strategy

We build custom portfolios allocating risk to longer term goals and safety & liquidity to shorter term needs.

The plan is the cornerstone of a properly built Investment Strategy and serves as a reliable and objective benchmark to measure future progress.


Incorporated in the Investment Strategy is our Investment Management Philosophy

We serve as a fiduciary and always place the interests of our clients first. In doing so, we have a keen understanding that consistently outperforming the U.S. Equity market through the use of actively managed equity strategies is extremely difficult without exposing the portfolio to abnormally high risk. Additionally, risk does not always lead to reward. The value lies in understanding your goals and constructing a portfolio to accomplish specific and identifiable targets.

The cost of actively managed investment strategies, such as mutual funds or separately managed accounts (SMA’s) is detrimental to long-term performance and thus, the ability to achieve investment goals. By focusing on Portfolio Construction and allocating risk appropriately, we can realize market returns through the use of low-cost equity index ETF’s. We aim to manage risk and liquidity through asset allocation and active bond and cash management.

Less time spent on active manager research allows for more time spent on portfolio construction tailored to help you reach your goals. Additionally, eliminating active manger research process lowers advisory fees. Lower underlying fees, lower advisory fees -> higher investor returns, higher probability of achieving success

Active tax loss harvesting compliments the tax efficient ETF portfolio. When the opportunity presents itself, we actively swap similar ETF’s to realize losses reducing the tax liability of realized capital gains. This strategy enhances the net return.