No two are the same

Who we work with

Whether planning for college tuition or retirement, we serve our clients throughout the many stages of life. Our niche focus falls into two categories: asset accumulation and preservation. From leveraging future growth to managing trusts, our specialty is working with higher-net-worth clients.

Our Client Profile


  • Mid-career, young professional, age 30 to mid-40
  • Single or young families who benefit from financial planning, identifying goals and related costs
  • Significant assets, either currently or projected
  • Range: $250k – $750k in liquid net worth


  • Mid-late career, age 40 to mid-50, near peak earning
  • Financially comfortable, desires to define net worth and financial path
  • Considering beginning trust and estate planning
  • Range: $500k – $3m+ in liquid net worth


  • Post-professional career, age +55
  • Focused on access to investment opportunities at a low cost and consulting on leveraging balance sheet
  • Likely has sophisticated trust management and estate planning needs needs
  • Range: $5m+ in liquid net worth

Want to work together?


It’s our job to add value and help grow your assets, not have a punitive effect on your wealth. That’s why we offer a full-service platform at a reasonable cost.

Competitive management fees are charged as a percentage of assets under management and decrease based on the type of investment (bonds versus equities) and the account size. As assets grow, fees decrease as a percentage of assets under management.

Additionally, our service includes consulting for other major financial decisions related to your overall portfolio. We understand the complexities of life and only some things can exist on a balance sheet.

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